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This writing booklet will give students a guided outline to record persuasive evidence from the "The Great Kapok Tree" on why this man should not cut down this beautiful tree! You can use this template to accompany a guided reading and then utilize it as an outline to a persuasive essay! This packet. Writing-Expository , Environment , Literature. The focus question for this lesson is: "Is deforestation an issue kids should worry about? Lesson Plans Individual , Activities , Printables. A full lesson to practice opinion writing persuasive writing with an Earth Day-related focus question.

The focus question for this lesson is: "Should recycling be required? Earth Day Mini Book. Give students time to think and write about their own ideas, share the. Seuss' book, The Lorax. The Truffula tree-like templates include 8 differentiated writing formats to accommodate writing abilities from kindergarten through 4th grade!

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Kindergarten , 1 st , 3 rd , 4 th. Two full lessons to practice opinion writing persuasive writing with snowy day-related focus questions. English Language Arts , Writing , Winter. Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Printables. Go beyond coloring sheets and cleaning up the playground for Earth Day. Go deeper with students by studying important environmental issues. Discovered in , it is still a largely unknown problem to the general pub.

Math , Writing , Informational Text. This read-aloud pack includes rigorous text dependent questions, differentiated graphic organizers, response to text writing activities including a craftivity, and detailed lesson plans to help you meet several core standards while maintaining your tradition of reading aloud for pleasure. You will g. Literature , Reading Strategies , Earth Day.

Persuasive Writing. Persuasive Writing contains everything you will need to teach a ten lesson unit. The lessons are themed around saving Earth.

Minilessons , Graphic Organizers , Task Cards. This persuasive writing unit is great for Earth Day, or any time you'd like to highlight the conservation of the earth. Students will explore literature to gain valuable information about why it is important to conserve earth's natural resources. Through several read-alouds students gather facts to. These paired passages include a nonfiction passage and a drama passage based on Earth Day.

These would also be great to incorporate pollution and reduce, reuse, recycle standards into reading. With the push for more rigor and changes in state testing, students are expected to read, comprehend, and r. Activities , Assessment , Homework. Earth Day Activities: Earth Day Centers is a fun pack of activities that can be used as a whole class center time or as individual lessons or for fast finishers.

Science , Spring , Earth Day. Printables , Literacy Center Ideas. A full lesson to practice opinion writing persuasive writing with a "snowy day"-related focus question. The focus question for this lesson is: "Which are better: gloves or mittens? Earth Day Activities for Upper Elementary. There are 24 different activities covering various literacy, science, and math skills with an Earth Day theme. Many activities can also be used to teach about the concept of honoring our planet on Earth Day.

They can be used as independent practice, homework, group work, or even morning work. All ac. Activities , Fun Stuff , Assessment. The focus question for this lesson is: "What snowy day activity is best for a group of friends? Fiction books about recycling and conservation and nonfiction texts are brought together to create a fun and effective way to help students understand recycling and protecting our environment.

Students will love getting the chance to turn the tables and "evaluate" authors of books used in this unit. Balanced Literacy , Spring , Earth Day. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd. This resource will help your students write a persuasive or opinion text about conservation. It includes prewriting graphic organizers, sentence frames for writing a draft and fun writing paper for publishing.

I have included links to websites that are appropriate for younger children to learn mor. Kindergarten , 1 st. Social science is very interesting since it is a study of the society and how individuals within the society interact with each other.

Social science studies different aspects of human interaction, for example, crime prevention. When studying crime prevention, social scientists try to uncover the reasons why crime is prevalent in a certain society and come up with possible solutions to make things better. Social science essays give you a chance to give your opinion and speak up. Unlike science and technology essay topics where you have to stick to the known facts, you can rely on your observation, opinion and research when it comes to social science study.

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The other thing that makes this type of science interesting is the fact that you get to interact with different people since most of the information you use is through interviews and on-the-ground research. If you pick a topic you are really passionate about, getting an A for your paper will be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

As you have seen, different types of essay topics have different ways to approach them, and they also have their own advantages. However, there are certain things you must do for each paper regardless of which course you are taking to ensure the result is a success. These include:. One thing that all science papers have in common is that they ought to be based on sound research. You cannot make up things or rely on just any information you find. Every scientific claim you make must be backed up with proper citations.

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This not only shows that you did your research but also prevents you from being accused of plagiarism. Make sure that you understand the style your teacher expects you to use and utilize it consistently throughout your essay. Grammatical errors can ruin even the best paper.

You need to ensure your paper has no grammar issues when you submit it. This will really go a long way in earning you a good grade on your paper. When writing essays, it is common for students to use very long sentences. This might not work in your favor. Long sentences are hard to understand, and you are more likely to make mistakes this way.

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Therefore, try to write in short sentences. Do not use jargon and slang. Doing so increases your chances of using words in the wrong context and can spoil the stylistics of the text. Students experience a lot of challenges that can prevent them from writing excellent papers. It can be running out of time, sickness or simply not understanding what you are required to do in a given assignment.

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