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How to Write a Terrific Author Bio […]. Firstly, thank-you for writing this. Also, thank-you for inviting us to share our own bios! This is the one that appears on the back of my book. Tsara, her husband, and their four children live in both Texas and California. And it was this love of SciFi that turned Jim into a new hard-SF short-story writer who has won awards for his work in the past and has recently turned him into a SciFi novelist too. Married,with 3 wonderful children, 2 grandsons and a dog named Harley, Jim lives in Canada and owns a gold-plated snow shovel…yes, Jim is truly a Canuck, eh!

Most of them related to my blog. Information are more innovative and nice to read it. Its really informative tutorial. Thank you for this tutorial. All the post are nice to read it. Thanks for your input. Anyone have advice for Author bios for those using pen names writing memoir or literary non fiction? Yvonne Taylor, born with eleven fingers, often asked her mom why she had the extra one removed, as it could have helped her type faster and, possibly, made her all the more efficient in the kitchen. Despite the removal of the extra finger, she went on to pursue her lifelong passion for writing and pours her creativity into short stories, poems, songs and creating tantalizing dishes.

She was born and raised in Arkansas and educated at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where she majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology, with coursework in creating writing and techniques of writing. She began writing her first novel, Inseparable, while working as a life skill counselor for mentally challenged adults and children.

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Her first published work is Inseparable, a Christian romance novel, and her first published cookbook is the Madd Batter. She is a homeschool mom and a dedicated Christian, who feels that nothing in her life is worthy without Christ.

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Thanks Rachelle! Click here to read this great post. Chinese Philosophys. So great to discover somebody with a few original thoughts on this subject. I have read most of them and got a lot from them. To me, you are doing the great work. Ancient Chinese History.

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It does not believe in democratic ideals and espouse the cause of charismatic and able leadership. What a great ride and event to have in our state! It was not meant in anyway to be offensive…. As for the older ones, maybe it will help them to be a little less citical of themselves. Again, I thank you for your courage and conviction to our women, young and old. Think woman!

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Slithering outside on your belly could cause carpet burn or splinters, depending on the floor type. They must mandate cork floors! Great Information, thank you for this post. My first novel releases in Sept, I just recorded a spot for ABC East coast late night talk show, have some radio spots coming and they all want a bio. I want it to be truthful and exciting. I lived a life of crime until the U. Marshals and FBI arrested me for armed robbery of casinos in Vegas. Great information Rachel, now after practising i am writting some good Author Bio for my health and fitness website.

Thanks once Again Rachel. This information will be helpful for me. What is it?

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I am asking everyone! Usually I do not know when to stop! James Scott was born in the city of Buffalo New York, After spending an enormous amount of time in prison, the result of the life that he chose to live, he decided to make a change in his life. He resides in Atlanta Georgia writing about his ups and downs. I wish you all the best with your writing and in life generally, James.

Well done for keeping your head up! Vaibhav Reddy has been living in India since his birth. He is a freelance writer. He has no previous publications. She and her husband of fifteen years, Mike, live in Conway, Arkansas. There they raise their four sons, ranging in age from toddler to teen.

She and her husband, Mike, live in Conway, Arkansas with their four boys. How is the following? Margaret Piton has been a journalist, English teacher and university lecturer in journalism and political science. Russia and crime fiction are among her passions. I am not author in the traditional sense, like all you amazing people. But I work for a tech company that wants to evolve into a creative agency with a hardware value prop today we are known solely as a hardware provider.

So, i now blog an write fun eBooks for the company. Here is my bio. Please provide feedback. Also, i put htis on page 2, right before the main content begins — my boss thinks it should be at the end. Lastly, here is a link to read and see the whole thing:. I like the sense of humor and plays on words you use in your bio. I took the liberty of doing so below.

Feel free to use, or not. I think I may have been looking at my bio far too long. I do wonder whether it is still too boring.

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Thank you for your feedback. Never bitter but certainly biting Jennifer integrates her experience leading personal growth and development seminars over the last decade with her authentic style of humor, and her own momentous life changes. I write about a variety of topics but my personal favorite is fantasy. I love expressing myself through creative means such as writing, singing, and drawing. I like it but I feel like it could be better. Anyway, feedback is very appreciated. I really liked looking at your current producing!. Highly rated material. I will propose that you post content more usually.

Using this method, obtaining this sort of sort of a handy internet site I do think you may list greater online. Thanks for the advice, Rachelle. This makes me sad! Anyway, here is my author bio. I would appreciate all comments. During a chance meeting aboard the 8.

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Daniel has had articles published in the PCS internal magazine and David was a local correspondent for the Wakefield Express. After a young professional friend in his twenties gave his honest opinion regarding my website, I decided to scratch the whole thing and start over. Your posts have been very helpful. Thanks to all of you…especially you, Rachelle. Carol J.

Hello — thanks for the opportunity to submit a BIO for my book and website. The stories and heartfelt and often entertaining, but also provide helpful travel tips and ideas for traveling on a budget.