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The only difference is that there is no limitation to the 5-paragraph rule as in the case with other essays. The introduction serves to capture the attention of the audience while the conclusion restates the thesis in a way to provoke actions or thoughts. The first sentence of the intro is written specially to introduce the main ideas you will discuss in the paper. One way to make the introduction interesting is by starting with a quote from the Animal Farm as a way to convey a captivating idea.

End your introduction with a thesis statement. Make it brief and limit it to just one sentence. A thesis is where you state the significance of the arguments and connection to the ideas found in the novel. It is recommended that you articulate this part well as your claims will always refer to it.

Essay about Animal Farm: a Thesis

The body section is the central part of the Animal Farm essay. It typically includes three paragraphs that support your arguments, describes an opinion and summarises your analysis. Start the body section with a strong topic sentence. Use it to describe the topic or issues to be analyzed. By doing that, you alert the examiner of what to expect in the following paragraph.

This section will expound on the thesis statement in support the arguments described. To write compelling body sentences, you will have to assume the place of a literary critic.

In such a case, you can describe personal views and emotions regarding the topic you are focusing on. However, your opinions should sound objective and not too personal. Besides, the goal of the essay is to convince the reader to adopt a similar stand as yours. Irrespective of the topic or type of essay you are writing, your ideas and arguments must be arranged in a well-defined flow. By analyzing a subject chronologically, you make the ideas easier to understand. Similarly, you can make the paper look neat and organized by dividing the body into three paragraphs; each one with its topic sentence that supports the thesis statement.

Furthermore, you should avoid stuffing a lot of materials in the paragraphs as this might look messy and disorganized. Be precise and comprehensive instead. Additionally, cite sources for each of the claims made.

Political Satire in Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay | Cram

Besides, you need to fully develop a single idea before you move on to the next one. To indicate a relationship between paragraphs and sentences make use of transition words and phrases. The conclusion restates the main points or thesis statement to demonstrate your ability to support the chosen argument. In this section, you can also appeal to the reader by creating a lasting impression.

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What is more, avoid the common mistake of introducing new ideas in your conclusion. Depending on how strong your points are in supporting the arguments, the reader can decide to disagree or agree with your set of opinions. Finally, proofread your paper to check for grammar and typo errors, and plagiarism. One of the greatest hurdles to writing a literary essay on Animal Farm is getting a good topic. Although we have different techniques to pick great and unique topics, we have narrowed them down to the most useful ones.

All that you need to do it select a particular element like a theme, symbols, characters, or events and develop it into a topic you can discuss in details. Always choose a topic that is enjoyable to analyze. Ask yourself critical questions during the brainstorming session. What are the most noticeable attributes of the characters? Did the novel end as anticipated?

Power Corruption. It Is A Never A Leader’S Ideal Is To

Does the author employ repeated use of specific image, phrase, or literal pattern? These are some of the questions that can help you to come up with unique topic ideas. Furthermore, the works of literature by George Orwell are full of satire and metaphors. However, their appointed leadership did not change much of the overall quality life when comparing it to how the humans ran the farm. The pigs at first sought to teach the animals how to read and write, but then when the leaders began to feud on how to better serve the people, the government changed from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Napoleon started to reprimand and threaten other animals if they did not work on the windmill or went out of line, similar to how humans controlled the animals.

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Napoleon started to initiate trade with the people that he originally kicked out humans , and divided the animals into different economic classes: the superior pigs, and everyone else. This could be seen as worse than treatment given by the humans. In fact the rebellion can place the society in a state that is worse than it was previous to the revolution, as shown by the Russian Revolution.

Left with Squealer, they start bending the truth and blaming Snowball for every mishap they encounter or intentionally cause, making animals feel guilt for supporting Snowball and thereby cherishing and praising their leader for being so forethoughtful and caring even more.

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To summarize, the novel clearly points out that governments are not any different from pigs. They are filthy, deceiving, corrupt, and cunning.

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