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Grad school is wonderful. What an Awesome write up Gail…..

The Importance Of A Nurse And The Characteristics Of The Nursing Profession

Oh yes am proud to be a nurse…. Nursing really has connected me to the human condition and I am so grateful for the privilege to do it. Thank you for your kind and honest comment. I am trying to decide between education or leadership. Any advise? I asked a very respected physician that I worked with what I should do. I said that I wanted the most interesting life filled with unusual opportunities and few limitations. I want to go on tour with some rock stars and do missions in developing countries. I want to report health information and host a TV show and write a few books.

I want to continue to grow my business Nightingale Wellness and develop a fleet of concierge RNs to make house calls. He said NP without a doubt and assured me that I will be able to teach nursing with my NP degree and a full resume. She said that globally, in years, there will be no nursing in developing countries. The World Health Organization [WHO] came out with a report that showed nursing was too expensive and that lay people can be taught certain aspects of care for much less money.

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So nurses are being phased out. The reason for this is because there are no nurses working for the WHO to represent the profession when guidelines are being drafted. There are also no nurses working at the World Bank the 1 governing body concerning global health decisions and there are very few nurses in government in any country. Nursing is being squeezed out of every conversation even in the hospital level.

Very rarely will you find a nurse on the board. The decision to go into education or leadership is personal. However, I just wrote your admission essay for nursing leadership in this comment. You can teach at any point in your life with a graduate degree and a full resume. Leadership is where nurses are needed and the opportunities are limitless. Hi Gail, Thank you so much for your input. Really made my day. I will let you know how things turn out! I feel like my essay sounds too comfy and not professional.

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Do you have any tips??? Thank you for posting! Thanks for the compliment, Christi. Writing in a comfy style is not a bad thing as long as you are using proper grammar. Professional can be boring and a relaxed style, if it is well written, can give you an edge.

Why i want to be a nurse essay

As for tips, there are plenty to read in the comments of this post and I hope they help. Best of luck to you! Last time I wrote a personal statement like thing was years ago and I had no idea where to start. Thank you so much for this. I am currently applying to UTMB and this helped tremendously! It was very inspiring and so well written! Hi Gail! I am very blessed to come across your blog today. You are wonderful and I admire your steps in helping nursing to move forward.

I want to join your team! I live in New York too, I am from a third world country. I want to be a vessel for changes both here and abroad especially in the country where i came from.

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I am applying for NP and i dont know where to start with my essay. Good luck with your essay. I am almost done with my first quarter of nursing school at the University of Washington.

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I was wondering if you have any advice for a student looking to start her nursing career on the east coast more specifically in NYC? I am looking at nursing residency programs and 10 week internships for the summer of Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Definitely write about becoming an NP. I believe this was mentioned in a previous comment. There is some good info in the comment section of this post as well as the comments for the grad school essay. Good luck with your application! What a powerful personal essay — thank you for sharing. However, my university asks for an extensive written application, personal statement included. I applied and was offered an interview just before the deadline. The next step is a 15 minute interview over webcam — my school changed its method this year and is doing it this way for all applicants.

My question to you, is how do you suggest making an impression in 15 minutes over Skype essentially. Not based on a 15 minute interview. Make sure all of these things are in order or your message will not be heard. The interviewers want to see that you are on your way to becoming a leader in the profession and being prepared is key. Second to that is being personable. Always have a couple of favorite stories in mind to share.

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Write then down on paper in front of you along with important career highlights and dates. Good luck!

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I wanted you to know that your essay has withstood the test of time as I have used it as a source of encouragement!! I have a ton of nursing experience, but have been out of school for so long. Cheers, Trudi.

Why I Became A Nurse

Thanks so much for posting this essay! I am currently working on my essay for the nursing program at UTMB and have had trouble thinking of what to write about.

Your example has helped so much! I am so happy I came across your blog. It took me a long time to decide I wanted to pursue a career in nursing but I decided and I am in the process now of applications and even though I tend to be decent at writing, I am struggling with the personal essay a little, I just want it to really make an impact. Writing has always come naturally to me and I have always wanted to start a blog, just never did.