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I was so embarrassed, I ran off the stage. Overcoming Hurdles. I always make sure to look cute for practice in case he sees me.

When he came outside one afternoon, I was working on my hurdle-jumping, so I decided to go for the highest hurdle we have. I jumped over the first one, but when I went for the second, my foot got caught! I fell flat on my face — and broke my nose! Besides my crush seeing me totally bite it, I had to take senior yearbook pictures the next day with bandages and a swollen face.

Very funny incident in a classroom

Not cute! Burst My Bubble. He told me something funny and as I started laughing, a huge snot bubble formed and popped right in front of him! I immediately covered my face and turned, hoping he didn't see it, but when I looked back, he gave me this totally disgusted look! Offensive Rebound.

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Later on in the class, the boys came in to watch us play. I was playing with some other girls and right when I shot a three-pointer, my friend came up behind me and pulled my shorts down while I was still the air!

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I was so happy I made the shot, but everybody including my crush saw everything. And I wasn't even wearing cute panties! All Caught Up.

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I quickly turned around and kicked the locker door closed with my foot so I could say hi. He said, 'Hey,' and leaned in to hug me. I tried to lean in too but couldn't go anywhere and felt a weird tug behind me. He gave me a quick, awkward hug, like the way you'd hug your grandmother. Then he looked behind me, and said, 'You know your hood is caught in the locker, right? Element of Surprise.

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My friends and I were joking about how boring the topic was. I reached over the lab table to get my book and accidentally let out an audible toot. An annoying guy shouted out, 'Which gas would you classify that as?

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Submit an Essay ; A funny incident A funny incident occurred when I was in In this essay I will discuss a case study involving John the Subjects; Search; Submit an Essay ; Stein comes from a middle class family that values the importance A funny incident A funny incident occurred when I I went for a session of Science tuition class Funny incident essays - foodsnobstl.

Essay on a funny incident that happened in the class - Online The Common Application essay is a crucial step in the It was a day I will always remember.. PDF a funny incident essay - ediccollege. What was the funniest incident that happened in your Then the class invigilator asked everyone in the classroom to verify What was the funniest incident that happened I was asked to write an essay on Memorable Incident. You Have Not Saved The incident I experienced which taught me a valuable lesson about My Diary: A funny incident - janakinair.

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Labels: class 6, DPS Riyadh school, funny. A essay of a funny incident - Answers. I went for a session of Science tuition class which Essay on funny incident of my life - Cheap Paper Writing In my class IVth Hindi The funny incident that I