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UN expert: Women suffer more from climate change. Technology gives a hand to China's industrial poverty alleviation.

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Copper is produced without purification in the utilization of disulphide. The operation also creates dust, sulphur, and nitrogen oxide pollution. From , radioactive fall-out over the bordering territories occupied over , km including Pavlodar, Karagandin, and Eastern KazakhstanOblasts 7. Many are emitted without treatment. Treatment methods are either not up to code or in some cases simply not implemented at all.

In , the total gas and oil enterprise emissions gone untreated reached 7. For example, birth rates decreased from Deterioration of various health factors have been mainly caused by both natural and occupational environmental influences.

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Higher morbidity rates have been linked to increasing incidences of conditions such as respiratory disease,nervous system and sensory organ disturbances, gastrointestinal disease, and circulatory disease. Poor air quality has been cited as a factor in these conditions.

Acid rain damages the environment within the country and also affects neighboring countries. This problem is that the Aral Sea has almost vanished. This leads to degradation in the whole Aral Sea basins, leading to bad production of fish and high salinity and pollution.

Also, as the Aral Sea is drying up, it leaves harmful layers of chemical pesticides and natural salts, which are occasionally picked up by the wind and get blown into dust storms. Pollution from industrial and agricultural sources damages the water supply, too. Along with this, China tests atomic bombs nearby Kazakhstan, causing even more pollution for Kazakhstan. There is also the issue of air pollution that Kazakhstan has to face. A lot of Kazakhstan is around industrial centers because of opportunities for jobs in those areas.

Residents that live near these centers go through pollution in the way of harmful and dangerous chemicals, noise, electric magnetic fields, dust, and vibration.

All of these things release high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and even more toxic pollution chemicals. Dangerous chemical emissions include nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, carbon dioxides, benzypyrene, and dust particles. All of these chemicals causing air pollution also cause very major health issues in a lot of people, along with great harm to their environment. Due to all this pollution in Kazakhstan, the wildlife is in danger of extinction. Some believe that some areas of Kazakhstan will not have any wildlife by the year In some parts of Kazakhstan where pollution is already very high, 11 mammal species and 19 bird and insect species have already gone extinct, and 15 mammal species, 15 bird species, 5 different types of freshwater fish, and 36 plant species are threatened to go extinct as of