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Make sure your arguments are constructed in a parallel fashion: Establish a sequence of information.

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Consider the paragraph a unit of information. Each paragraph should discuss one topic within the quantity of information you plan to cover. Ideas for units of information or topics: appearance, medium and technique, narrative, iconography, history, artist's biography, patronage, etc. Iconography might require more than one paragraph, especially if your whole paper is about analyzing the iconography of a work of art. Write about the connections between what you described in these analyses and what you declared in the thesis statement Follow the same sequence of ideas for the second artwork, building, artist, architect, critic, patron, etc.

Follow the same sequence for the third artwork, building, artist, architect, etc.

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When you have analyzed all the examples, synthesize: compare and contrast. Comparison: Dedicate one paragraph to discussing what is the same about the artworks, the building, the architects, the artists, the critics, the patrons, etc. Contrast: Dedicate one paragraph to discussing what is different about the artworks, the building, the architects, the artists, the critics, the patrons, etc.

Reiterate the thesis. Remind your reader about your findings in a summary sentence or two.

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Persuade the reader that you have demonstrated that your thesis is soundly based on your findings. Optional: state that your analysis is important in terms of understanding a larger picture but not too large. For examples, the artist's other work from that period, the artist's work all together, the artwork's relationship to the movement or the artwork's relationship to that moment in history.

The connection should not open a new topic, but simply offer the reader food for thought and then declare this investigation is beyond the scope of your paper. It demonstrates that you thought of it, but you're not going to go there.

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DO NOT write that art history is wonderful and you've learned a lot. Leave a good impression and avoid being trite. Make a list of your sources at the end of the paper.

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Check for the following: Titles for works of art should be in italics: The Birth of Venus First and last names begin with a capital letter. Exceptions include place and familial indicators including "da," "del," "de," "den" and "van," among others, unless the last name begins the sentence.

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  4. Language, nationalities and country names begin with a capital letter. Leonardo is not called da Vinci. Do not wait until the last minute to begin your essay. Start your research after midterms. Start to write at least one week before the paper is due. Continue Reading.