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I moved the discussion to the misconduct page section on the university investigation , but Lulu has reverted my changes and moved it back here.

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Witholding the award based on questions of academic misconduct is consistent with both the focus of the investigation and with the alumni association's statements on the matter. Including the discussion of the withheld teaching award here in order to infer that the reason has more to do with suppression of Churchill's first amendment rights than with legitimate concerns regarding his academic standing is not WP:NPOV , but rather an attempt to push a speculative point of view.

I don't want to get into an edit war, so I am posting this comment here to allow discussion on the issue before reimplementing the edits which Lulu has reverted. Officials say they are holding back the Teaching Recognition Award pending the outcome of a CU investigation into the ethnic studies professor. A research-misconduct committee is looking into allegations that Churchill misrepresented prior research, plagiarized work and fabricated an American Indian identity to gain a scholarly audience.

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Churchill has disputed all charges in a lengthy report to the committee. He compared it to withholding a student's grade on a final exam "if there were questions about the student's effort. What's the story, Doug, with every single many edit summaries you make insulting me? Ah well I guess it might help you get it out of your system. In the spring of , Ward Churchill won a teaching award in the class size category , receiving 54 votes among the 2, students at the University of Colorado at Boulder who voted for its annual Teaching Recognition Award.

9/ The Day of the Attacks - The Atlantic

The University of Colorado Alumni Association, which sponsors the award, announced that they would withhold the award from Churchill "until Churchill's name has been cleared by the committee". According to Churchill, "What [Alumni Association President Kent Zimmerman] is really saying—obviously—is that it would be really awkward for the institution to have to acknowledge the quality of my teaching in the midst of an effort to paint an exactly opposite portrait of me.

The annual Teaching Recognition Award for class sizes of 25 to 75 is voted on by students at the university and in , 54 out of 2, students selected Churchill to be the recipient.

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With the ongoing investigations by the Ethics Committee, the Alumni Association responsible for presenting the award has yet to present the award to Churchill. Clark Oldroyd, The vice president of the Alumni Association stated that "We're giving that committee time to complete its study" and also stated that, "It just seems like the prudent thing to do. I don't know if it makes it any clearer I think it shows that there is an investigation that the award has been apparently withheld and finally what Churchill has to say about the matter.

Is this better Does anyone else feel that the various article splits here are unnecessary? Some useful rules of thumb for splitting articles, and combining small pages tables, list-like sections and markup excluded :. I agree with Doug. Merging this with the main article would still leave it less than 50k. Also, I have not seen one no not one other article kept this ridiculously short. Note that these articles have a large number of http links relative to their size. Since the guidelines in WP:SIZE are intended to estimate readable content, not downloadable size, subtracting those sizes yields:.

September 11th 2001: Hijacker Recordings

So while I think that combining all of the articles into a single article is not suggested, certainly, the bio and the essay controversy have no issue with WP:SIZE. Deleted repeated post from Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters about name change. For a discussion of the name change and an equivalent name change to the Ward Churchill misconduct allegations page, please see the discussion at Talk:Ward Churchill misconduct allegations Article name. Lulu thought my edit adding a link to a list of actual tenants which shows their large diversity beyond the financial realm was POV.

Fine, I'd dispute it but it's a reasonable dispute. But why not rephrase it NPOV and leave the link in? I'll try putting it in a different manner to see whether relevant factual evidence belongs in an article about Ward Churchill in his opinion.

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This article is supposed to provide a treatment of the controversy surrounding the Churchill's essay, it's not a database for collecting quotes from people who dislike him. If you wanted to create an article that was something like "Media Opinions of Ward Churchill" I guess that would be fine, but it doesn't belong here.