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But Brabeck was lucky; in he underwent experimental open-heart surgery—made possible by a new heart-lung bypass machine that kept him alive during the procedure. The operation succeeded, and Brabeck lived a long and productive life as a cardiologist. When he passed away in at his home in Carmel Valley, California, Brabeck was one of the last survivors of a small group of children whose surgeries at the Mayo Clinic represented a turning point in medical history when the heart-lung machine suddenly enabled life-saving surgeries that are now commonplace.

Portrait of Stephen Brabeck with his parents.

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Courtesy of Irwin Speizer. What is now a routine and low-risk process was anything but back in the s. Brabeck, son of a traveling glove-and-knit-cap salesman father and a former schoolteacher mother, was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Essay about The Case for Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus

His condition, called tetralogy of Fallot, is an unusual combination of four heart defects. Michael recalls in the book how he and his two brothers were instructed to keep a close eye on little Stephen when they went out to play. One of her vows: If the child was cured, she would give up chocolate.

The Mayo Clinic and the nearby University of Minnesota were then the only institutions in the world performing open-heart surgery at the time. In at the University of Minnesota, Dr.

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The controversial procedure risked two lives during a single operation, but Lillehei went on to perform 45 procedures in the early s—with a 40 percent mortality rate for patients. Meanwhile, just 10 miles away at the Mayo Cinic, Dr. John H. Kirklin pursued a mechanical solution that had so far proved elusive. As a medical student, he had long dreamed of the possibilities of open-heart surgery, including a treatment for the very ailment afflicting Brabeck.

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  • In a paper he co-authored on the first 50 years of open-heart surgery, Dr. Richard C.

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    In , Kirklin assembled a team of doctors and engineers at Mayo to find such a method. She had exploratory surgery in the first grade, then four years later bravely undertook the open-heart surgery that so stunned Miss Waterman and Mrs. Nelson and all of us in the fifth grade at Stanley School in Swampscott, Mass. Over all, Deena missed two years of school, which is why she did not appear between Bob Murray and Pam Nickerson — her rightful place alphabetically — in the Alice Shaw Junior High School yearbook four years later.

    There is more. Our little town held two blood drives to gather the 14 pints Deena would need for the operation. She was fully awake during some of the terrifying preparatory procedures, the same ones I had though I was safely under sedation the whole time.

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    For seemingly interminable periods she was in an oxygen tent. She remembers how her father unzipped that tent carefully, so he could hold her hand.

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    Her mother had to prepare every meal especially for her no lines of salt-free food in those days at the Beach Bluff Supermarket down the street. Nurses wrapped her legs in hot towels. And the most remarkable thing of all: the doctors were at her house a lot. I played ball with Richie Remis and John Weighs on the street right there in front of her house maybe days a year. View all New York Times newsletters. Gross and Alexander S. Nadas, both pioneers in heart treatment for children. In a tribute to Dr. If you want to immediately send a message to admissions teams that you lack integrity, then have an adult write your essay for you.

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    If you ask 5 people to edit it, the voice and style will be inconsistent, and it will sound like 5 people wrote it. First, recognize that they are a trying to help and b want you to succeed; at the same time, recognize that a it lacks integrity and b it will cause disagreements. I remember my guidance counselor told me that my college essay could be about why my grades dipped in my junior year. My focus was on being grateful to be able to help my mom and how I learned to juggle my home and school responsibilities. A better focus would be on how felt the new school was a better fit for you and how the environment and your appreciation for it helped you to thrive.

    One student spent half his essay discussing how bad his family member is at planning ahead and how it got them in a dangerous predicament. It came across as a word complaint, and the reader learned nothing about the writer except that he finds his family member annoying.

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    By switching his tone from complaining to appreciating the humor of the situation, the whole essay shifted in a positive direction. When you read through your essay, look for any times in which you put others down even inadvertently , and revise it.

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